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At MSFI Inc., your safety and satisfaction are our number one priority. We combine tried and true teaching methods with extensive and up-to-date firearms knowledge and experience. My relaxed method of delivery keeps my classes fresh and entertaining while you learn. Don't be a victim, sign up for a class today.

Conceal And Carry Training

We're currently resistering for Conceal and Carry Training classes. There are two required classes to complete the training, the first class being primarily class work, and the second class is a 50/50 hands on training.

Firearms Training

Starting in June 2014, we will be offering a couple of classes for new or inexperienced shooters to learn the basics of knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.  Students under 18 but older than 12 are …

Finger Printing

I no longer offer fingerprinting services here at MSFI.  You can go to Developmental Disability Services of Metro East 2900 Frank Scott Parkway West in Belleville. Their phone number is 618-236-7957 ext 101. 

The Professional Code of Defensive Shooting Instructors

Our instructors are dedicated to our students and each of them is committed to the seven tenants of the Professional Code of Defensive Shooting Instructors that is promulgated by the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors.&…

Our Training Commitments

I firmly believe that my classes are among the highest in quality in our region of the country. I will gladly provide professional and/or prior-student references to any prospective student who requests them. I will continue to ensure that I am actively involved in ongoing training so I can provide the most complete and most up-to-date instruction to you. I will strive to always act in a professional manner and to always treat you like a respectful human being rather than like cattle that are being herded through the classroom. I firmly believe that I produce a higher level of competency, through a higher standard of training.

Our Training Guarantee

If, after the completion of any training course you take with me, you are not satisfied with the instruction you received, I will gladly refund your money (less the cost of any course materials you have used or kept, and less the issuance of any course completion certificates).